Mr California Leather 2017 Contestants

Daddy Rosco Ellis


I am originally from NYC but have lived in L.A. for over 30 yrs and raised my 4 children to adulthood. I did have the love of my life for 13 1/2 years who helped me raise our 4 children together until he was killed in a car accident 17 yrs ago. I started to feel that I had more to give and that I want to give more back to the community.

I have been involved with the leather community and the Imperial Court System on and off for 30 yrs. I held the role of leader, confidante and role model. I was elected Emperor of L.A. twice and held the title of CSW, Mr Gay Pride and Mr Gay Latino California. Even though the reign was for a year, I continued fundraising and supporting all that I could and 30 years later, I’m still volunteering. I am a medic who trains a staff of 150 employees on safety and discipline but also on saving lives and dealing with daily trauma.

I love people and for the most part, I feel people like me.

Master Anthony Colla

I began my exploration of Leather culture in 2011 after attending my first Butchmann’s experience. A year later I repeated that experience, this time declaring as “slave” in order to understand more deeply the other side of the slash. Since then, I have traveled, I have taught, I have presented, I have marched, and I have been comrade to those in the community. Holding the 2016 So. Cal. Master title taught me about the title circuit, the tremendous joys of international community, and the rewards of service. My ongoing service to the Los Angeles community is my chance to pay back all that I was given, all that was gifted to me, and all that I have learned and continue to learn.

Dino Garcia

This kinky Latino was born and raised right here in So. Cal. and lives in the Inland Empire. Recently married to his husband Geno aka Paloma of 25 years. Travel from North Hollywood to Palm Springs to Long Beach to San Diego, helping all that is in need. (and to meet new friends along the way).

His favorite hankie colors are Red, Yellow on left and white on both (If you don’t know what they mean, he’d be more than willing to give you a hand to explain). He does have his loving side like, working out, walking on the beach and in the woods. He loves his leather heart and bearish looks. And states “Be proud of who you are and love you self! WOOF!”