Mr. California Leather 2017

Mission, Contest Rules and Requirements

MISSION: Each year during Leather H.E.A.T. Conference, a contestant is chosen to represent the men’s alternative sex positive community (Leather/kink/BDSM which we will call Leather from here on out!) locally on behalf of the Leather H.E.A.T non-profit organization.  They will be chosen based on their ability to articulate their views, passion and dedication and how they plan to live out their title year.  They will act as a mentor, educator, a role model, spokesperson and an ambassador during their title year.  We are looking for an individual who can be articulate, professional, and capable of communication and outreach both to leather and non-leather communities worldwide.


Mr. California Leather Judging Criteria


Personal Interview/ (40 points) – 25 minutes duration maximum

The judging panel will interview the Contestant for a period of 25 minutes.  Questions may include (but are not limited to) community contributions, personal history, leather history and current events.


Speech/Formal Wear (30 points)

SPEECH (20 points): Contestants will present a ninety (90) second prepared speech (on any topic of their choice) on stage in their formal leather during the contest.

The speech portion of the contest will be judged on the contestant’s ability to clearly elucidate their topic and connect with the audience. Audience response may also be considered.

Judges will be informed if the speech exceeds 90 seconds which may impact the potential score.


FORMAL WEAR (10 points): Contestants will be judged on care and thought put into their formal wear outfit.

Hot Wear/Pop Question (10 points)

Contestants will be asked a Pop Question on stage on Saturday night by the MC and will have the opportunity to show the audience and judges the outfit that captures their leather image and makes them most confident.

POP QUESTION (5 points): Contestants will be judged on their ability to quickly respond with confidence / wit / candor / comfort.

HOT WEAR (5 points): Contestants will be judged on their confidence in the hot wear category. Audience response may also be considered.

Public Image / Auction Basket (20 points)

PUBLIC IMAGE (15 points):  Contestants will be observed by the Judges throughout the weekend on how they present themselves and interact with the general public and staff.  Factors for consideration include strong communication skills, good manners, a willingness and desire to want to connect with a variety of individuals to exchange knowledge and share camaraderie, and a genuine desire to want to build community.

AUCTION BASKET (5 points): Silent auction basket will be reviewed and factored in the Public Image scoring by the Judges. This should represent you and show your community support.


A report regarding contestant compliance with deadlines, deliverables, and expectations (both pre-event and on-site) will be provided to the Judges by the Contest Coordinator and factored into the Public Image scoring by the Judges.

Mr. California Leather Contestant Requirements

The MrCL Contest is open to persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity (as long as Contestants are comfortable representing the Mr Title for the year).  We also honor other dimensions of diversity such as race, religious/spiritual beliefs and/or political affiliation. The MrCL Contest is a competition for a men’s title.  Each Contestant must self-identify as part of the men’s leather community and must be willing to represent the title of MrCL during their title year.

To be eligible to enter MrCL, a Contestant must be at least 21 years of age by Thursday of MrCL Weekend (August 17th, 2017) and have a valid form of ID that is current through Monday, August 20th, 2017. Contestants need to have or be able to obtain a valid passport for international travel for future International titles.

Please note that by becoming a Contestant for this title, Contestants will become public figures as brand representatives of MrCL. This visibility can impact a Contestant’s personal life and career. Contestants may wish to use a scene name to compete but realize that the visibility of competing and winning the title can bring to light a Contestant‘s private and professional life.

Contestants may not hold another title during their MrCL title year.

Contestants are not required to have a title or sponsors to run for the title. It is encouraged to create a support team to help the Contestant manage the actual contest run.

Part of the fundraising efforts for the travel fund comes from the silent auction and baskets brought by the Contestants. Contestants will be required to contribute item(s) to the silent auction, which will benefit the MrCL travel funds exclusively.  It is not about the quantity of items but how items reflect the Contestant’s personality, hometown or region, sponsors and/or a theme of the Contestant’s choosing. Contestants are allowed up to one basket each for their items in the silent auction. Once items are dropped off at silent auction, they become the property of MrCL Contest for auction or use.   Remember, it does not matter how many items are on display, the goal is to create a visually appealing display that represents the Contestant!

Contestants must agree to be photographed and be referred to by legal name or chosen scene name (as specified on Contestant Application) in future publications as decided by MrCL Productions, (such as the media releases, a video of the contest, on the web, and in internet/print promotional/publicity materials for Leather H.E.A.T. Weekend).  All images are the property of Leather H.E.A.T. Productions.  Each Contestant shall be required to sign a photo release.

Contestants must also agree to be interviewed by media after they have submitted their application so that it can be announced after the Contestant application deadline.

Contestants are responsible to book their own room if they are traveling to Los Angeles to compete.

Contestants must arrive at the meet & greet by Friday, September 8th, 2017 7:30pm PDT, and be ready to start the contest. The winner of the competition will need to stay through Sunday afternoon to meet with the producers to review and sign agreements.

The winner will be required to sign an agreement for the title year concerning the rules and requirements. MrCL Producers will work with you during the title year.  A copy of this contract will be sent for review after Contestants complete their application and payment process.

Applications for the class of 2017 are due by August 31st 2017 at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).