Judges MrCL 2017

Head Judge

Geoff Millard

Geoff Millard’s titles include Mr Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2017, Mr San Francisco Leather 2017, and 1st runner up at IML 2017. Geoff is a queer, disabled combat veteran, bootblack and leatherman from Buffalo, NY living in Oakland with his husband/sub. He flags hunter green on the left, light pink on right, and can switch his light blue, navy blue, black, or grey. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at Four Elements Fitness, a gym owned by queer women of color, Geoff is also an expert in choking if anyone wants to feel lightheaded later.

Geoff left home at 11 where he bounced between the streets, fosters, or, at times, his parents until he joined the military at 17. He was at ground zero on 9-11 and deployed to Iraq in ‘04 where he became an early opponent of the war. Despite living most of his life in the closet, Geoff learned to love boots in the army, knowing he was a queer pervert from his earliest memories. From homeless youth to open, out, and proud leatherman, Geoff has done some amazing things like got arrested outside of Bush’s ranch, smoked hookah over the pyramids of Giza, licked a Sir’s boots in Germany, and even briefed President Obama in the Oval Office. Just ask, he loves storytelling.


Jesbian Bagheera  Ms California Leather 2017 is leather femme dandy. She switches as a cigar aficionado and can be seen getting down and dirty at the SF Eagle bootblack stand. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass she is volunteering with The San Francisco Little Scouts, The San Francisco girls of Leather, and The Exiles. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title of International Little Miss Little 2014. She currently holds the title of Ms. California Leather 2017. She continuing to advocate for Leather Littles everywhere as well as building her education directory V.I.V.I.D. Leather for POC visibility.


Jeffrey Erdman Mr. Los Angeles 2016

Jeffrey Erdman is Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016, and placed in the Top 20 at IML this last year.  Jeffrey is an openly gay attorney and a partner in the law firm of Bennett & Erdman. Jeffrey has been a proud and prominent member of the LGBT community since moving to Los Angeles in 1992.  In addition to working with a variety of community organizations, and being an LGBT advocate among the legal bench and bar, Jeffrey has served on the board for the ONE Archives Foundation for the past ten years.


Paulo Batista is a 32 year old transgender amateur bodybuilder living in San Diego. He has been training and specializing in weight lifting and fitness since 2005. He is also a trans activist and helps hold benefits for many communities throughout San Diego. In 2014, he has recently broke barriers in the city of San Diego winning the leather title of Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 and in 2015 as the 1st and only SoCal Drummer. He was the first transman to hold either title in the state of California and helping change minds about acceptance with trans community.

As far as fetishes, he loves his leather and also his pain. He really enjoys different kinds of underwear…his or yours…and getting new tattoos with a hint of new latex. He love’s playing with puppies… and definately has a thing for Chihuahuas.


Colt Mix is a native of San Diego, currently residing​​ Behind the Orange Curtain. ​During his mid-20s he moved to the San Francisco bay area, where he had a ​career in law enforcement​ ​​and​ ​simultaneously​ ​attended law​ ​school​ at night​. ​ Although kinky-minded for years, Colt didn’t find or understand Leather until he attended his first BDSM class, “Pre-care & After-care,” at the SF Citadel in 2010. He is so grateful for the willing Tops and enthusiastic guinea pig bottoms, all of whom helped him find his place as a power switch. In 2012, he moved back to southern California after resigning from law enforcement to begin his legal career. ​

Colt was Ms. San Diego Leather 2013 and during his year he became acutely aware how important bootblacks were to the Leather community. He founded the San Diego Bootblack (SDBB) Contest, which is in its 3rd year now. Seeking more sustainability, Buster & AJ, the owners of the Ms. & Mr. San Diego Leather Contest agreed to more formally merge SDBB with San Diego Leather Pride Weekend wherein all patch-holders are simply referred to as “titleholders,” to encourage the community to see all titleholders as equals and to avoid “& Bootblack.”

Colt identifies as being solo-poly.  While Colt acknowledges not knowing every leather micro-community in this state, the fact that he’s lived in six of the larger counties in Northern & Southern California, combined, gives him perspective and a balanced appreciation for all breeds of LeatherMan


Mike Leon


Mike is the current Co-owner of the San Francisco Eagle. With his business partner and friend, Alex Montiel, Mike helped resurrect the SF Eagle 2013, saving it from closing for good. Mike is a part of Mama’s family, pinned as “Mama’s Falconer,” and continually supports fundraisers for various local and national charities. Mike has helped raised over 200k for LGBTQA non-profits orgs through events at the SF Eagle. Mike is also an honorary member of the 15 Association, and currently on the board of the “Friends of Eagle Plaza,” as they plan and create the world’s first parklette dedicated to commemorate Leather culture and history. Mike is also an artist, jeweler, ceramicist, and painter. He graduated from Otis Parson’s School of Design, and continues to pursue his creative passions in his free time.

Xavier Espejo

Xavier Espejo has been an active member of the Los Angeles leather community since the late 2013 when he attended his first LA Band of Brothers’ event. Even though he had been attending leather events since his early 20’s, it was there where he experienced brotherhood for the first time.

In February 2014, Xavier won the title Mr SoCal Leather, with the platform of mentorship, and participated in the Mr LA Leather contest. Xavier has mentored many newcomers in the community and has helped many become title holders. He’s served as treasurer for the LABB board, and has also volunteered for many events and organizations.

After his title year, he started a leather/kink focused event production company, Green Mirror Entertainment. In 2016, Xavier became the youngest member of AVATAR, and also was awarded the Payasos LA award of “Player of the Year”, which acknowledges a person’s efforts, character and charisma to bring people together and participate in play parties at large. He also was recently pinned as “Mama’s Peruvian Player”. In July of this year, Xavier won the title of CA Drummer 2017, which he plans to use to fight slut shaming and HIV stigma.

Xavier has a strong social media presence, which he uses to unashamedly share his life, including sexy experiences, and also encourages others to do the same.

Amy — Judge’s Girl

Amy is a new addition to Los Angeles Leather community and serves as a mentee under slave bren. She is a member of the Los Angeles girls of Leather/ Women in Leather Los Angeles Groups.

Bakersfield is where she calls home and is an an active member of her community for the past 1.5 years. She coordinates her home dungeon monitor group and serves as a DM herself. Amy has a service heart and enjoys community service, which is usually why you can almost always see her smiling! She is very excited to see where this new leather journey will take her.